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Competition Team

Competition Team Provincials.jpg

Team Capicio is a dynamic group of dedicated athletes and martial artists who embody the spirit of excellence and values of dedication and determination in martial arts.


Our competitors are trained to excel in local, national and international tournaments, representing our dojo, province and country with pride and bringing their best to every competition.

Capicio Competition Team


Our team has a proud history of developing champions, achieving world titles in point-sparring, continuous sparring, and forms.


Our team members have also earned numerous medals alongside these gold medals, showcasing their versatility and skill across multiple disciplines.

Training Regime

Our competition team's training regime elevates each athlete's performance to high standards. In addition to our regular curriculum, the team dedicates 2-3 sessions per week exclusively to competition-focused training.


These sessions emphasize flexibility, explosiveness, cardiovascular conditioning, video review, and integrating specific kata and sparring drills to sharpen technique and enhance agility. A core component of our regimen is cultivating a competitive mindset, preparing our athletes physically and mentally for the demands of high-level competition. 

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