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What should I wear, and do I need a karate uniform? (aka Gi)?

  • An athletic t-shirt and shorts/jogging pants are all you need. No, a karate uniform is not required right away. We recommend you complete the first session, and decide at that point if you would like to invest in a uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at the dojo.


Can I wear a uniform from another dojo?

  • Yes, but only for the first session. It is expected if you continue on, our club uniform will be used. 


What are the belt ranks?

  • There are 9 belts which include White, ½ Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black. 


When will I be tested for the next belt rank?

  • Belt testing will be determined by the skill, attitude and ability of each student.

  • There is no pre-determined schedule for when a student is tested.


Are there competitions?

  • Yes, there is a lot of competition in and around Alberta. There are also opportunities to compete nationally and internationally.

  • Our dojo hosts the annual Calgary Open Martial Arts Championships.


Common Terminology

  • Sensei – Black belt instructor that teaches Karate

  • Dojo – Place of training for Karate

  • Gi – Karate uniform

  • Obi – Karate belt

  • Sempai - An assistant instructor that is not yet a Sensei

What is the typical class structure?

  • A typical one-hour class includes a bow-in, warm-up, stretching, technique demonstrations, practice, and a bow-out. 


How do I perform the bow?

  • Sitting up straight with your eyes open, the instructor will bow to the class and say Shomi NiRei. The class will bow back twice: once for Shomi Ni Rei and once for Sensei Ni Rei.

  • Japanese translation for Shomi Ni Rei during bow in:

    • ​Respect for your style of training, Zen Karate. Respect for your place of training, the Dojo. Respect for your classmates.

  • Japanese translation for Sensei Ni Rei during bow in:

    • ​Respect for your Sensei



What are the Dojo rules and etiquette?

  • Students will bow upon entering/leaving the dojo area.

  • All black belts will be referred to as "Sensei".

  • Higher belts will assist lower belts, lower belts will follow the instructions of higher belts.

  • Higher belts will not instruct lower belts in techniques above their next belt requirements.

  • No profanity, horseplay or loud talking is permitted in the dojo.

  • No smoking or food allowed in the dojo.

  • Students will train in a clean uniform at all times.

  • Students will inform head instructor immediately of any self-defense situation outside the dojo and of its nature.

  • No displays or demonstrations allowed outside the dojo without the express permission of the head instructor.

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