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Class Structure

A typical 1 hour class will include a bow in, warm-up, stretching, a short break, technique demonstrations, practice and a bow out. 


For your reference here are the details of how we start every class: Bow In sitting on the floor with the hands in the Zen Karate hand position.


Instructor gives each of the letters of SPIRIT and the students will say what each letter stands for.


S - Self Control

P - Perseverance

I - Integrity

R - Respect

I - Indomitable Spirit

T - Truth


Deep Breathing Exercises: Close eyes with hand on your hips. Do 3 deep breaths, slowly in and slowly out together with the class. Clearing your mind of the days activities and focus on training in karate.


Performing the Bow: Sitting up straight with your eyes open, the instructor will bow to the class and will say Shomi NiRei. The class bow back twice. With the first bow they will say Shomi Ni Rei. With the secondbow they will say Sensei Ni Rei.


Dojo Rules and Etiquette

We adhere to these to maintain a proper place of training for Karate.


1. Students will bow upon entering/leaving the dojo area.


2. All black belts will be referred to as "Sensei".


3. Higher belts will assist lower belts, lower belts will follow the instructions of higher belts.


4. Higher belts will not instruct lower belts in techniques above their next belt requirements.


5. No profanity, horseplay or loud talking is permitted in the dojo.


6. Karate training requires concentration and discipline. No smoking or food allowed in the dojo.


7. Students will train in a clean uniform at all times.8. Students will inform head instructor immediately of any self-defense situation outside the dojo and of its nature.


9. No displays or demonstrations allowed outside the dojo without the express permission of the head instructor.


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