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Capicio Little Dragons Karate

Little Dragons Karate

(5-6 Years)

Designed for pre-school and kindergarten kids where they learn the fundamentals of blocking and striking through energetic drills and exercises.

Capicio Kids Intro Karate

Kids Intro Karate

(7-12 Years)

The journey of martial arts is a perfect start in early school age years. Learn the foundations of Shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo. Through our creative workouts students will develop a strong body, a focused mind, and overall confidence. After 4 months students will progress to the next class if the test requirements are met. 

Capicio Beginners Karate

Beginner Karate

(1/2 Yellow - Full Yellow Belt)

This program builds on the techniques from the kids intro class, and adds the elements of self-defense and light sparring. Conditioning and flexibility drills are increased to support strong techniques. Students at this level may also choose to compete at local and provincial levels.

Capicio Intermediate Karate

Intermediate Karate

(Orange - Green Belt)

At this level students have developed a good base and are working towards advanced striking combinations and improved traditional techniques. Students will learn to break fall, roll, and apply this to their growing self-defense knowledge. As an option these students can begin to learn weapons forms using the Bo staff.

Capicio Advanced Karate

Advanced Karate

(Blue - Black Belt)

This class enhances your martial arts journey with complex sparring, traditional techniques, self-defense, and weapons training. Tailored for those eager to expand their expertise. This class sharpens skills, strategy, and precision, preparing students for higher levels of achievement in martial arts.

Capicio Kickboxing


(All ages & experience level)

This program focuses on developing solid combinations and strategic defensive movements while significantly boosting overall fitness. Students engage in rigorous pad work and partner drills, complemented by sparring, to improve endurance, strength, and agility. 

Capicio Private Lessons

Private Lessons

1:1 or small group sessions where our instructors offer specialized coaching and training. Sessions are available to all students and will help improve your skills in kata, fighting or overall athletic performance. Whether your looking to refine your technique, increase your competitive edge, or enhance your physical conditioning, our lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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