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If you are new to Karate, here are some common questions that will help you.

What should I wear and do I need a karate uniform? (aka Gi)?
An athletic t-shirt and shorts/jogging pants are all you need. No, a karate uniform is NOT required right away. I would recommend you complete the first session, and decide at that point if you would like to invest in a uniform. The dojo will provide the uniforms at a cost.

Can I wear a uniform from another dojo?
Yes, but only for the first session. It is expected if you continue on, our club uniform should be used. It must also be a traditional karate/taekwondo uniform with a belt. We would accept a Judo or Jiujutsu uniform but NO soft style such as Kung-Fu or Wushu.

What are the belt ranks?
There are 9 belts which include White, ½ Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black. 


When will I be tested for the next belt rank?
Belt testing will be determined by the skill, attitude and ability of each student.

Are there competitions?
Yes there are many competitions in and around Alberta. There are also opportunities to compete nationally and internationally, of which you can meet some great people. Our Alberta head dojo hosts the Western Canadian Championship in Red Deer every May. 



Sensei – Black belt instructor that teaches Karate

Dojo – Place of training for Karate

Gi – Karate uniform

Obi – Karate belt

Japanese translation for Shomi Ni Rei during bow in:

Respect for your style of training, Zen Karate

Respect for your place of training, the Dojo

Respect for your classmates

Japanese translation for Sensei Ni Rei during bow in:

Respect for your Sensei

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