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Additional Costs

Listed prices include GST


All students must wear a uniform to each class. Our uniform consists of a gi top and bottom, but hot weather, students may wear a club shirt instead of a gi top.


  • Gi (top and bottom) $75

  • Club Shirt $35

  • Club Hoodie $60


Sparring Gear:

Sparring gear is mandatory for all students and consists of:


  • Helmet $30

  • Hand Gear $30

  • Foot Gear $30

  • Head/Hand/Foot Package $85


Additional protective gear:


  • Shin Guards(Basic) $20

  • Mouth Guard $8

  • Groin Guard $15

  • Kickboxing Gloves TBD

  • Kickboxing Shin Guards TBD

  • Kickboxing Headgear TBD

Financial Assistance

We have partnered with the following organizations that offer financial assistance for families in need. If you require any assistance in completing these forms, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Canadian Tire Jumpstart



Martial Arts Class
Karate Black Belt
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