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Capicio Zen Karate and Kickxboing intermediate karate class

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Sign up for our 6-week summer program for unlimited access to classes from July 23rd to August 29th. This is a limited time offer, sign up below to claim your spot.


Whether your looking to learn striking and self-defense, sharpen your martial arts skills, improve your fitness or start a new hobby, our summer program is the perfect place to get started. Our experienced instructors guide students to success, and will help you achieve your karate, kickboxing or fitness goals!


All ages and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to join our supportive community.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing Summer Bootcamp

Summer Schedule

Summer classes run Tuesday through Thursday. Members that purchase the all access pass are welcome to join any of the classes listed below. We also offer a kickboxing only membership and drop in passes for the summer bootcamp.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing summer schedule


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