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Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboixng beginner karate class

Summer Bootcamp

Our 6 week summer bootcamp runs from July 23-August 29. The bootcamp includes karate, kickboxing, self defence and fitness classes for all ages and experience levels. Explore our summer programs and click here to register for unlimited access to classes for 6 weeks!

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing advanced karate class

Traditional Karate

Students will practice new and existing katas, refine their traditional karate techniques, and practice curriculum for their next belt rank. We offer a class for students aged 12 years and under and for students 13+.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing kids intro karate class

Striking and Sparring

This class will focus on striking pads using karate techniques, and application of striking techniques through rounds of sparring.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing cardio and strength training

Cardio & Strength Training

One of our talented instructors will take you through an exercise routine that is not strictly martial arts focused. The classes will include circuit training, strength training using our variety of equipment, outdoor runs, or yoga classes to improve on flexibility.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickxboxing intermediate karate class

Self Defense & Ground Defense

In this class students of all ages and experience levels will learn and practice valuable self defense & ground defense skills.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing open family training

Open Family Training

This is an Open dojo format which allows for parents, siblings, and friends to come and train together. Hold pads, do a workout with any of the equipment, or get some guidance from any of our available instructors.

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing class


This program focuses on developing solid combinations and strategic defensive movements while significantly boosting overall fitness. Students engage in rigorous pad work and partner drills, complemented by sparring, to improve endurance, strength, and agility. 

Capicio Zen Karate and Kickboxing private lessons

Private Lessons

1:1 or small group sessions where our instructors offer specialized coaching and training. Sessions are available to all students and will help improve your skills in kata, fighting or overall athletic performance. Whether your looking to refine your technique, increase your competitive edge, or enhance your physical conditioning, our lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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